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May 30 2013


Network Marketing is the Business Model of the 21st Century

Network Marketing. Who would have thought that it would be such a powerful tool to create FREEDOM? I did not! Now it's being called the business model for the 21st century!

We Are Not Taught How To Be Free

I have read many books on finances. Why? Because I wasn't taught anything about finances in school beyond a simple budget and balancing a checkbook. Call me a conspiracy theorist, or whatever you like, but I believe it's by design that we do not get taught about finances in high school. The powers that be would have us remain ignorant and control us forever if we let them. I've read books and have taken courses on stocks and real estate and can understand how people are making money using those methods. However, the volatility is such a horrible risk and many people have lost a lot of money using those methods.

I am a person that connected well to the Rich Dad Poor Dad series by Robert Kiyosaki. He talks of his rich dad being an entrepeneur and understanding how money works. His poor dad on the other hand was a highly educated man who was the head of education for the state of Hawaii and made beans for money. His poor dad was under the assumption that the way to get rich was to go to school, get a good education, get a good paying job with good benefits and save for retirement. I thought the same thing! I was WRONG!

My Path

I have a doctorate degree in dental surgery. I own 50% of a 2 doctor dental practice. It's a great office with 11 fantastic employees. I too was under the assumption that if I went to school, owned my own business, and did things right I would end up being a wealthy guy and be able to retire comfortably. I was WRONG! I found out after 10 years of practicing dentistry that my path wasn't going to give me the freedom that I was searching for. The reason for this was that it took too much money to get where I am today and it takes too much time to pay all the debt back. I spent hundreds of thousands for my education. I then spent hundreds of thousands on buying my business. Now I am stuck spending all the money I make paying back the debt that I incurred just to get here! Does this sound wise? NOPE! I really wish I would have known then what I know now. I am going to spend nearly all of my good salary years paying back debt only to have to work longer to stash for the retirement that I would want. And to make matters worse there is volatility in dentistry too! My profitability continues to decline with more and more PPO insurances popping up (that's a whole other story). So I find myself stuck in a business that I went into hundreds of thousands in debt to purchase and I find now that there was an easier way to get to the freedom I wanted.

I believe that education is extremely valuable! The correct type of education! It must pass the test question just like any other business decision you make. You have to ask, "what is the return on my investment?" If the return is good, then do it. If it's not, then don't. Nowdays I find it hard to think that certain college degrees would pass that test. Education is insanely expensive and only getting more expensive. Jobs are decreasing and pay is even worse! So how do you get out of this rat race and actually find freedom in the 21st Century? Network Marketing!

Robert Kiyosaki Said It Best

"Network Marketing isn't about making money. It's about people helping people so they can be financially free."

So why not start using network marketing to help you achieve your freedom? Times are changing and if you don't change with them you will be left behind! There are many different network marketing companies out there. My wife is doing doTERRA. That's her niche and she is very successful at it. I personally am loving Empower Network! Why? 100% Commissions!! For a measly $25/mo I can have my own business and make how much on my investment? 100%!!!! That's a way better deal than dentistry!

Only you can change your life. Find your niche and get at it! Take a look at what Empower Network has to offer! If you like 100% commissions then click HERE and get started!

Don't be the product, buy the product!